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Feeling Blue!

Blue light – the silent ager

Over the last couple of years sun protection has been big news (and rightly so), highlighting the damage caused by being out in the sunlight and not protecting the skin with a broad-spectrum sunscreen. Boots introduced a hard-hitting campaign showing sun damage as tattoos on children to symbolise the lasting damage of the sun. Well now it’s the turn of blue light, a topic hotter than the Mediterranean.

What is blue light?

Just like UV rays the biggest source is the sun and these short wavelengths is what gives the sky that beautiful blue colour on a cloudless day. However blue rays are also emitted by the hypnotic glow of our computer screens, TV’s, smart phones and other digital and electronic devices and we are now spending an average of 24hours weekly online.

Is blue light bad for us?

Blue light has an ageing effect on our skin. Increasing pigmentation, inflammation and redness. Research even showing that it could be increasing free radical damage (molecules that attack our skin cells).

Too much screen time (blue light) on an evening tricks our body into thinking it’s daytime and interferes with our beauty sleep. Skin loses out on valuable time to repair and renew itself effectively, causing lacklustre skin and premature ageing.

Unlike UV rays the eyes struggle to filter out blue rays, causing digital eye strain and deterioration of the retina which could lead to vision problems.

Blue light in moderation; can boost alertness, help with memory and elevate our mood.

Top tips - If even the thought of reducing time on your devices strikes you with fear, then there are other options to minimise blue light.

Many devices now have a night mode app, or you can attach a tech shield to your screen, both of which will reduce the amount of blue light being given off.

Don’t forget the sun emits blue light, use a sunscreen with blue light reflectors such as titanium oxide or zinc oxide.

Skin care - look for products that contain antioxidants, these fight against free radicals and lutein and lycopene that block out blue light.

Diet – enrich your diet with a variety of berries, leafy greens including kale and spinach, beans, eggs and tomatoes fresh or tinned to absorb your intake of antioxidants, lutein and lycopene.

Skin Management Solutions recommended daily defence

Environs Youth Essentia C-Quence range - contains lutein to filter out blue light and antioxidants to combat free radicals, whilst enriching the skin with powerful vitamins and peptides to create an even healthier more youthful skin.

RAD broad-spectrum sunscreen - contains antioxidants C, E and beta carotene to combat free radicals and titanium dioxide to reflect blue light and UV rays.

No more feeling blue!


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